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 Practice Schedule
Contact: [email protected]

  • Every Monday and Thursday

     Welcome new students from 6years ( 5 Years kids need an interview for admission)
 Kids class: 7:00-8:00 pm
     Beginner, Advanced class: 7:00pm – 8:30pm.  
     Adult and Master class:  8:45pm – 9:30pm

  • You can join the practice as trial 2 times
  • The first Practice of every month will be KENDO KATA (Demonstration for learning KENDO w/BOGU) practice.
    This practice may be cancelled occasionally.
  • There will be no practice held on the 3rd Monday of each month.
  • SCKO(Southern California Kendo Organization) joint practice will be held every 3rd Sunday of each month.
  • Tournaments and seminars will occasionally be held at several locations.
  • We will occasionally participate in tournaments, seminars and examinations.

Qualifying age

Ages 6 years over
*5year students have an interview before join the class. If approved by teachers. focus on games to familiarize themselves with kendo. 
*6 year students may take basics 1 year without Kendo-Gu( Armor)

If you interested in Kendo. you can come to our Dojo at 6:45 pm on any practice day.


  • Initiation fee for Long Beach Dojo  (one-time only):  $30
  • Monthly fees:  $32 per individual ($15 per additional family member) Must be paid in 3 month Increments.
  • Payment term (Jan for Jan-Mar, Apr for Apr-Jun, Jul for Jul-Sep, Oct for Oct-Dec)
  • SCKO (Southern California Kendo Organization) annual fee (mandatory) see following numbers
  • AUSKF (All United States Kendo Federation) annual fee (mandatory) see following numbers
    Age and Student Status                                   

    17 Years & Under or Full Time Student  AUSKF $30   SCKO $25  Total  $55 (Annual)
(Additional $10 fee for new member (they have never registered with AUSKF and does not have an AUSKF ID)

    18 Years & Older                                                       AUSKF $60   SCKO $35  Total  $95 (Annual)
    (Additional $10 fee for new member (they have never registered with AUSKF and does not have an AUSKF ID)

   If you are new member(17 under or student)         $30+($32x3 month)+$30+$25+$10(ID fee)=$191
   If you are new member (Adult )                                        $30+($32x3)+$60+$35+10=$231
  • AUSKF and SCKO fee are accepted only by check. (No CASH)
  • Tournament and other event fees are not included.
  • Initiation and monthly fees are subject to change.

Dojo Rules 道場規則

To Our Students 生徒へ

  • Upon entering the Dojo, say in a clear voice “Konbanwa, onegaishimasu”.
  • Upon entering the Dojo, first clean the Dojo floors with the rags (at least three laps). If there is not enough time prior to practice, do it afterwards.
  • Refrain from talking during practice.
  • Notify the instructor if you are not feeling well or require a water break.
  • Thank all of the instructors at the end of practice.
  • 道場に着たら必ず大きな声で(こんばんわ、お願いします!)を言う事。
  • 道場に着たら最初に雑巾がけをする(3往復)間に合わなければ稽古後にすること。
  • 稽古中はおしゃべりをしない。
  • 体調が悪いときや水分補給などは先生に知らせる。
  • 稽古前、後は必ず全ての先生に挨拶すること。

To the Parents ご父兄へのお願い

  • Please refrain from talking during practice.
  • Please refrain from speaking to your children during practice.
  • If possible, please stay and watch your child’s practice session.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking as well as chewing gum, and do not use cellular phone in the Dojo during practice.
  • Please offer a helping hand during tournaments and other events.
  • 試合、審査等道場に関するイベントにはボランティアとしてお手伝いいただきます。
  • 稽古中はなるべくおしゃべりを控えてください。集中力を妨げない。
  • 稽古中は子供にしゃべりかけないように願います。自立心を養います。手助けがいる場合はできる限り先輩が行います。
  • なるべく子供の稽古を見てあげてください。その分子供は頑張ります。
  • 道場内でのガムや他飲食また携帯電話の使用(稽古中)は控えてください。道場役員の事務作業はこの限りでない。

Long Beach Kendo Dojo

1766 Seabright Ave. 
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